Vienna Teng, Waking Hour, 2002

1. The Tower
2. Momentum
3. Gravity
4. Daughter
5. Between
6. Say Uncle
7. Drought
8. Enough to Go By
9. Unwritten Letter #1
10. Eric’s Song
11. Soon Love Soon
12. Lullaby for a Stormy Night
13. Decade and One


Try it here (320 rip)

“the one who survives by making the lives
of others worthwhile
she’s coming apart
right before my eyes
the one who depends on the services she renders
to those who come knocking
she’s seeing too clearly what she can’t be
what understanding defies”
Vienna Teng, The Tower

Despite not being her best album musically, her lyrics are very meaningful… if you desire to find it so. Here’s an example of -for me- the most disquieting song in this album both in lyrics and melody explained by Vienna herself.

If you liked it, you might like her latest albums, Dreaming Through The Noise and Inland Territory

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